I’ve bought recently china phone MITO 8600, and it surprises me that it support j2me midp.
MITO 8600 support for j2me

I’ve tested with some j2me sdk 3.0 demo :
1. socket creation (work)
2. bluetooth access (not work)
3. mmapi – camera access front and rear (work)

well i have planned to create a video chat application that can connect to pc client or another j2me supported.
Wish me luck !


One Comment to “MITO 8600 SUPPORT FOR J2ME MIDP”

  1. midlet cannot catch front/3g camera, so … video call implementation will be FAILED
    creating file ok using FileConnection and FileMidlet example
    recording audio capture://audio?encoding=amr FAILED, many feature is DISABLED in java while available in native such as
    BLUETOOTH, au/pcm Encoding, maybe have to wait until next firmware upgrade

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